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Lucy Rangel de Jackson

Special Education Teacher

I am a dual citizen of Mexico and the U.S.  I was raised in an environment of academia, agriculture, and jurisprudence, strongly influenced by my father’s cultivation of pine forests and avocado orchards.  I like working with my hands and my mind, which is why I believe that a person´s character must develop in different areas to contribute to society, either with planning, cultivating, building, or developing projects through knowledge.   

I had the opportunity to grow between cultures, and have seen that humanity has universal  values, that cultures have different criteria  or  styles, but  that ultimately, we are strong, intelligent, and noble.

Students learn best when they are  motivated  to openly express their opinions.  They need praise for their creativity in any subject as they acquire knowledge and skills to become researchers, to work with information, to be both independent and collaborative, and most importantly, be critical thinkers.