Marina Call

World Language Instructor

This will be my 2nd year teaching at The Greenspire School.

I come from a family of teachers.  My father is a retired Spanish college and high school teacher and my brother teaches global politics at the United World College in Dilijan, Armenia. My first teaching experience was at the University of Alicante, Spain, and I have taught Spanish at various TCAPS schools.

My birthplace is Hollywood, California, and at two months old my parents took me on my first transatlantic flight. Every summer was spent in Spain at my mother’s house.  My father is Cuban and my mother is from Spain, so global perspectives were crucial in my upbringing. I am a citizen of the world.

I grew up close to Disneyland and studied at The University of California, Santa Barbara, receiving a B.A. in History of Art and Architecture.  After graduation, I was eager to live abroad and learn a third language. St. John’s University in New York has a campus in Rome, Italy, and there I completed a Global M.B.A. and learned Italian.  What was meant to be a two-year stay turned into eight years, and I had the opportunity to travel extensively working for an online travel company, as a university professor and as a tour guide to American students. I went everywhere from Moscow, the Greek island of Crete to Morocco and the Canary Islands.

While in Rome I met my husband, Warren, a northern Michigan native, and we moved to downtown Traverse City in 2008. I am a person who likes change and we are having a blast. Traverse City feels like a northern European city to me, where we know all of our neighbors and we walk everywhere. Our two children, Sofia and Winston, have learned to ski, play tennis and bike around this natural playground.

There are so many cultural opportunities around us. Through NMC, I have been able to continue my love of languages and I am on my seventh year of mastering Russian. I worked at the National Writers Series and have gone on to publish my first novel.

If your mind is open, the possibilities are endless. I want the students at Greenspire to feel this potential. They will not only have the power to speak in a different language, but a deeper understanding of the world beyond.