Welcome to the Greenspire Summer Program!

Greenspire is offering hands-on, outdoor Summer Program sessions. Program themes vary from week to week, but most are outdoor, project-focused activities to get kids creating, exploring and adventuring all summer long!

We offer sessions for three different age groups each week:

Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, and Grades 7-9.

Summer Program sessions run Monday – Friday from 9AM – 3PM.

New this Year!

Register & Reserve Online, a 2-step Process

Session Descriptions

Session 1, Adventure Week, 24 – 28 June 2024

Embark on a thrilling journey of discovery and excitement during Adventure Week! Hike dense forest, soar through the air in flight simulators and see if you have what it takes to win Greenspire Junior Survivor!

Session 2, STEAM Week, 1 – 5 July 2024 (Off for July 4)

Join us for a week of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) activities. Students will get to try their hands at computer coding, team building STEM activities, and mixed media art.

Session 3, Mystery and Intrigue Week, 8 – 12 July 2024

Step into a world of suspense and intrigue this week at Greenspire! Students will unravel clues, solve puzzles, and work together to crack thrilling mysteries From secret codes to hidden treasures, each day brings a new challenge and a chance to sharpen critical thinking skills while having a blast with fellow sleuths.

Session 4, Traverse Land and Lake, 15 – 19 July 2024

Do you have a love of travel? This session is all about learning beyond what we can see on land! We have underwater rovers, some summertime artistic expressions, and you may even get a passport to stamp! You might travel the world from our campus or you might drive a rover in a local body of water. This week is about getting that travel itch scratched!

Session 5, Greenspire Olympics Week, 22 -26 July 2024

Compete in traditional and nontraditional Olympic Events this week at Greenspire. These activities will appeal to both athletes and not athletes alike. Learn a little about the original olympics, design banners and flags and compete in fun team building events!

Session 6, Movement Week, 29 July – 2 August 2024

We are exploring movement in every form this week. Move your body by learning skills, rules, strategies and more in a variety of sports games. Or try your hand at creating masterpieces in the style of different movements throughout history.

Session 7, Create and Take, 5 – 9 August 2024

Come to build something with your bare hands! This week will be focused on building with a group, getting to know the nature of the Commons and Greenspire Campus. We will have activities that get you out, get you active, and get you working with yourself and others!

Register for the Summer Program

Summer Program Registration 2024

Summer Program Registration

Medical Information

The following information is necessary for any student to use prescribed medications or to receive treatment in school. All spaces must be completed.
I am requesting permission for my child named above to:
Check all that apply
I will assume responsibility for the sale delivery of the medication to school.
I will notify the school immediately if there is any change in the use of the medication of prescribed treatment.
I release and agree to hold the board of directors, its officials, and its employees harmless form any and all liability foreseeable or unforeseeable for damages or injury resulting directly or indirectly from this authorization

Medications Details

Off Campus Permission

Outdoor learning and participation in the greater community is what makes Greenspire Summer Programing unique. Participants will regularly go off-campus accompanied by a Staff member for programing and may participate in walking field trips to various locations in the greater community.

Participants are expected to behave responsibly. This includes but is not limited to: not disrupting other classes or school events, walking safely and quietly, staying with the group, following directions of where to walk, using appropriate language, following all school rules, and adhering to public laws, ordinances and directives while off campus. Participants should always remain with their group at all times and follow staff instructions. Participants who violate these rules will be immediately removed from the field trip and sent home for the remainder of the day. Permission to go off campus can be revoked at any time for any reason by The Greenspire School administration.

I have read the above and understand the terms and conditions of being able to leave campus for educational purposes. I can conduct myself responsibly and with integrity and can follow the terms and conditions at all times. I understand that violation of these rules will result in immediate dismissal from field trip or activity.

Summer Program Code of Conduct

Remember, by following this code of conduct, we can all contribute to a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable summer experience for everyone.


Build student confidence and self-efficacy so that each student successfully transitions past middle-school.


Wait and Listen, rather than interrupt another.


Practice optimism. A negative outlook may reflect in the body, mind, and spirit.


Building trust in others through successful collaborative relationships.


Honor other’s thoughts, wishes, and words.

Disciplinary Procedures

When a child does not follow the Code of Conduct, we may take the following Steps:

  1. Staff will redirect the child to more appropriate behavior.
  2. The child will be reminded of the behavior guidelines and program rules, and a discussion will take place.
  3. The Program Director will be notified of the problem and will meet with the child.
  4. If the behavior persists, a parent will be notified of the problem.
  5. If a problem persists and a child continues to disrupt the program, the Greenspire Staff reserves the right to suspend or remove the child from camp. If this were to happen, the Greenspire School will not grant a credit or refund for any summer program payments.

The following behaviors are not acceptable and may result in the immediate and indefinite suspension of a participant in Greenspire Summer Programming:

  • Behaviors that endanger the health and safety of children and/or staff, volunteers and members.
  • Stealing or damaging, off-site, or personal property.
  • Leaving the camp program without permission.
  • Continuous disruption of the program with consistent disrespect.
  • Refusing to follow the behavior guidelines and/or summer program rules.

No Refunds will be issued for a child who is suspended or expelled. Children who are suspended, expelled, or whose illness prohibits participation must be picked up within 60 minutes of notification. The Greenspire School reserves the right to modify, repeat, accelerate steps or not use the outlined processes as the situation demands. The The Greenspire School is not responsible for loss or theft of personal property.

Media Release

We love to share our photos of your childs experience both with you and the wider community. We think Greenspire Summer programing provides a unique opportunity and photos of our participants help promote this experience. However, we are also committed to protect our campers in regard to all types of media. We abide by the following policies with regard to our campers appearing in any form of media:

  • Only first names are used in picture captions
  • Participants first and last names are used for print articles and television interviews
  • Participants will be able to choose to appear for a photograph or interview

With this in mind we ask for your permission to use all forms of media, for any lawful purpose including publication, promotion, illustration, and advertising.

Media Rights

Acceptable Use Policy

In some summer program sessions students will be granted technology to use for specific activities related to session goals. We expect participants to understand that technology is only to be used to meet summer instructional objectives. All program participants need to agree to the following digital citizenship agreements.

  • I agree to demonstrate ethical behavior in the digital world just as I would in the real world.
  • I agree to use technology in an appropriate manner.
  • I agree to NOT break any laws or rules dealing with the use of technology.
  • I agree to treat all technology carefully and return it in good condition

Failure to comply with these agreements may result in suspension of technology use, replacement fees or other fitting consequences issued by Greenspire Staff. I release The Greenspire School from any liability or damages that may result from the use of the internet connection or technology use.


The student/participant and parent/guardian here by sign and acknowledge that they have initialed and agreed to all the summer camp rules and regulations.