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The Greenspire High School will offer students a college preparatory high school curriculum through an inquiry-based cohort pathway experience.  Each of GHS’s four cohort choices are designed to meet student interests, provide academic rigor, and open up vast areas of study and career options connected with environmental science. The four pathways will allow GHS students to work together on real issues affecting the community. 

AGRI-SCIENCE (FARMING DEVELOPMENT):  The focus of the Agri-Science Pathway is on supporting student initiative and choice within the farming science fields and business. From analyzing case-studies of Economic Infrastructure to exploring Naturopathic Medicine, student choice is paramount.  This 4-year study is committed to following the natural Harvest Season within Northern Michigan.

ARCHITECTURAL STUDIES W/ APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL AND DIGITAL ENGINEERING:  The major focus in this cohort experience will be on intense research processes, advanced mathematical and science content knowledge acquisition, and complex sequential thinking patterns demonstrated within internship/externship opportunities in the field. This is a 4-year study with a unique junior year experience working alongside an undergraduate student research winter term project.

FRESHWATER STUDIES MIDDLE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE GLOBAL POLICY & SUSTAINABILITY: The  focus of this pathway is Freshwater Studies involving intensive college coursework. The study begins with a 3-credit college course taken spring of sophomore year and then up to 60 transferable college credits taken during junior – senior years, plus a summer three-week intensive program after GHS graduation. (Due to the intensive nature of this college path, a review of Overall GPA at the end of sophomore year, and test scores will apply for formal admittance to study at NMC while in high school.)

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP (STEWARDSHIP): This pathway will integrate content from the different cohort paths.  It will entail working with faculty to expand how and where GHS efforts can be utilized, protected, expanded, supported, and integrated within the surrounding community. This is a 4-year study that involves new-age journalism and social advocacy work with two, one-week intensive summer leadership institute programs. An internship is required during the student’s junior or senior year with a non-profit social organization or law firm.