Anna Hill

Social Studies Teacher

Throughout my life, I have been heavily impacted by both nature and the arts (in particular music). Growing up I was a part of orchestras, bands, theater programs, and choirs. Never was I more connected with this side of my life than when I was outside. Having performing arts in nature is something that is greatly important to me, and I hope to help continue to create a space for them at Greenspire High School. I am a recent graduate of Central Michigan University where I studied political science, history, and music. I am so excited, and honored, to be starting my teaching career at Greenspire High School!

What drew me to Greenspire is your focus on problem-solving and creativity. I value creativity in education and was instantly drawn to the amount of options provided to students. I have been extremely fortunate to be an avid traveler so that I can instill worldviews as a part of my classroom. Using my experiences as a traveler, It is my goal to help students actively engage with new materials, to better understand the world around them.

When I am not in school you can find me exploring Traverse City, going on hikes, cuddling my cat, or finding ways to actively engage in my new community.