Coreene Kreiser

Curriculum Coordinator, High School Special Education Coordinator and Digital Arts Teacher

Educator Ken Robinson said, “Teachers inspire interest, passion, and curiosity. Teachers light up imaginations with the interest they themselves have for a particular discipline. Teaching is about inspiring, it’s about enabling, it’s about mentoring, it’s about facilitating, it’s about creating curiosity.” This statement resonates with me on such a deep level. This is why I teach and what I want to bring to the students of Greenspire High School through the study of the Arts. Practicing the arts is more than making pretty pictures. The study of the arts teaches students analytical skills, visual analysis, and how to communicate non-verbally. These are valuable skills, not just in the arts, but in any career.

I have been hooked on art since I first watched Bob Ross in the afternoons after kindergarten. I have always been a creative person seeking to express myself & share the beauty in the world. To share my thoughts with the world, I refined my love of photography by earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Western Michigan University in 2002. Then I learned more than I could have imagined working for big city commercial photographers before taking my career freelance in 2008 with my own company Tavla Studio ( I also work on commercials and films with my production company, Northern Michigan Production (

In 2017, I started in the classroom teaching Digital Photography at Northwestern Michigan College. And in teaching the arts, I found my home.  Nothing brings me more joy than a student realizing the possibilities and reaching for them. To further my teaching, I received my Master of Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2020. I am also pursuing a second master’s degree in art history through Lindenwood University’s eLearning program.