Emily Feaster

Assistant Head of School

I was fortunate to grown up in the wonderful town of Lake Ann, Michigan, and attend Glen Lake Community Schools. I spent my summers playing on the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and exploring the woods of this beautiful area. Every summer was filled with camping, hiking and kayaking. Winters were always filled with snow shoeing, skiing and snowmobiling all over Michigan. These adventures drove my admiration of the outdoors from a very young age.

I have had a love for teaching as long as I can remember. When it was time to pick a university to attend, I knew it had to have a strong teaching program and a love for the outdoors. With this in mind, the choice was easy: Northern Michigan University. While at Northern, I ran an Elementary Education Math Club, tutored college students in math and science, and participated with the Children’s Museum monthly, hosting events engaging students in math and science.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a major in math and minor in integrated science. I worked with many middle school students in Marquette and loved every moment of my experience. When I had the opportunity to select my own placement for student teaching, I fought to have the opportunity to teach at The Greenspire School. During my time, I realized that Greenspire’s philosophies aligned perfectly with my own and I was excited to spend every day at Greenspire. After student teaching, I traveled to Norway and France to learn about their education systems and spend some time exploring the fjords. Upon returning, I realized once again how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful environment.

I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to work at Greenspire and share my love of science, math and the environment with students, parents and staff.