Emily Feaster

Head of School

I was fortunate to grow up in the wonderful town of Lake Ann, Michigan, and attend Glen Lake Community Schools. I spent my formative years outside every season. Activities like hiking and kayaking kept me busy in the summer, and I haven’t met an outdoor winter activity I don’t enjoy! All of these pursuits developed my passion for the outdoors and played no small part in my desire to be here at Greenspire.
Knowing the value I placed on outdoor activities, I wanted a university program that united my love for the outdoors and my lifelong passion for teaching, which made selecting Northern Michigan University a natural fit.
While at Northern, I ran an Elementary Education Math Club, tutored college students in math and science, and participated with the Children’s Museum monthly, hosting events engaging students in math and science.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a major in math and a minor in integrated science. I worked with many middle school students in Marquette and loved every moment of my experience. When I had the opportunity to select my own placement for student teaching, I felt that a placement at The Greenspire School would feel not just like coming home to my hometown, but to where I wanted to pursue my career dreams.
After student teaching, I traveled to Norway and France to learn about their education systems and spend some time exploring the fjords. Upon returning, I realized once again how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful environment. Now, I share my love of outdoor activities and travel with my family as we instill the love of the great outdoors in a new generation.
While I will miss being in the classroom every day, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue shaping the culture at Greenspire into one of academic excellence and environmental stewardship that prepares your students to positively change our world.
I look forward to helping you and your students excel in any way I can and hope that you won’t hesitate to contact me with questions!