Erin Fitzpatrick

Outdoor Education Teacher

I grew up making rafts on the Fox River in Algonquin, Illinois. I enjoyed the splendor of Lake Superiors’ shores while studying at Northern Michigan University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  I taught Science in Emporia, Kansas on the Cottonwood River using a tiny school garden. After solidifying my PBL knowledge, I incorporated more nature and collaborative cross-curricular projects on the banks of Kids Creek in Traverse City, Michigan. After seeking a more theoretical foundation for the outdoors in my philosophy and pedagogy, I completed an Master of Science in Outdoor Education at the University of Edinburgh where I spent time in many lochs, rivers, and the sea; my dissertation included my research on choice of outdoor preschools in Scotland. After volunteering with the first nature kindergarten in Scotland, I became a certified Forest School Leader in 2018. I have spent years teaching science and nature pedagogy in, through, with, and for the outdoors to students aged 3-14. I am delighted to come into the role of Outdoor Education teacher and will be very excited to continue learning about the natural world, teaching stewardship and care in the Commons and beyond.  In my free time I hike, garden, rock climb, paddle, and forage for all sorts with my three rescue dogs.