Marco Cabrera


My personal mission is to build the community around me, and to assist our youth to have access to the things they need. This has shown up in my life mainly through teaching. I have taught classes on 8 different programming languages through local libraries, ‘Build your own Roblox Game’ and ‘Minecraft Animators’ through NMC College 4 Kids, as well as an elective at Greenspire using Dungeons and Dragons to teach personal finance. I have several years experience on a board, and within my career I have spent the last 12 years leading team members. All three of these experiences have taught me how to use clear communication to help the team move forward. I am honored to be part of the Greenspire Board of Education. This work allows me to work on my personal mission, have a place to grow, and to work with a fantastic team, for a school of which I am very proud.