Hello Greenspire Community –

A few quick announcements…

Community Impacts

If you have not yet seen our Community Impact initiatives for the month of December, please click on the link below to see the flier.  Thank you to Sarah, Jill, and our student committee for organizing all of this!

Ski Program – Last Call!

Last call for sign-ups for the Ski Program.  We have a few more spots available.  If you are interested in signing-up or need more information, please contact Jennifer Hood at the email below…

Taproot Cider House – Coupon Code

Taproot Cider House has graciously offered a 15% off curbside orders coupon code for our school community.  When placing your order, please use the code GREEN.

What’s next?

We are scheduled to return to hybrid learning on Thursday, December 10th.  We have scheduled a special board meeting Monday, December 7th at 5:30 pm to determine whether the school should return to in-person learning or continue with fully remote learning for all students through Winter Break.  You can find the Zoom meeting link to the special meeting at the link below…

Please know that whether we continue with fully remote learning for all students through this Wednesday or until after Winter Break, we have been working tirelessly to help our community with the transition.  

Over the past two weeks, we have created multiple resources to make remote learning easier for our students and their families as well as to address the social-emotional needs of our students while learning from home.  

  • Google Calendar – Students are now subscribed to a daily Google Calendar with all of their classes listed as events.  Zoom hyperlinks are included in each event for easier access to remote classes.  All students were shown how to access this calendar during Literature or ELA on Monday, November 23rd. If for some reason your child has not subscribed to the calendar yet, please visit the link below to see a YouTube video with instructions. This video can be found under the Toolbox section of the website, under Middle School Resources.
  • Advisories – These small group meetings resumed on Wednesday, December 2nd and will continue to take place weekly.  Advisories will provide students with a direct check-in from a staff member at least once per week.  Announcements and activities regarding social emotional learning will take place during this time.  
  • Electives – Some electives began on Thursday, December 3rd with the remaining electives beginning this week.  These are voluntary for students and meant to be social/community building.   
  • Council – Weekly council meetings for students with guest speakers from the community. Thank you Sarah for organizing these!
  • Community Impacts – As noted above, Sarah, Jill and a committee of students have organized community service projects for the month of December. 
  • Student Group Lunches – These are organized by Taylor and a great way for students to eat lunch together and socialize.
  • Social Events – We will host a virtual Movie Night for students on December 17th…more information to come!
  • Technology Email – The email has been created for students and/or parents to get answers to school-related technology issues that they may be experiencing at home.
  • Office Hours for Students – Teachers are available to students during Office Hours every Thursday from 1:50 pm – 2:30 pm in Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA, and Literature.  Students can drop-in to ask questions and/or teachers can have students attend Office Hours to get extra help or catch-up on missed work.  
  • Building Hours – Beginning Monday, December 7th, the building will be staffed from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday on regularly scheduled school days. 

If for some reason, your student is inactive or absent and we have not heard from you to report an absence, you will receive an email or phone call from Robert or Sarah usually mid-week.  If a student is attending classes, but not keeping up with their assignments in individual classes, the teacher will contact you and your child directly. No news is good news 😉

Thank you again for your support of Greenspire.  It appears that there is an end in sight over the next few months and we hope to get back to normal as soon as we can.

Robert Walker, EdS