Hello Greenspire Community –

If you did not see the message sent on Friday evening regarding our return to in-person learning beginning on Monday, please visit this link: https://greenspireschool.org/in-person-learning-update-monday-april-12th/

Please make sure that you conduct home checks with your child(ren) before sending them to school each morning.  Along with our health and safety protocols at school, we can continue to keep Greenspire COVID-19 free.  Even students with mild symptoms should be kept home.  Please err on the side of caution when determining whether your student should attend school.  The mandatory quarantine for an exposure has returned to 14 days, so doing this quick self-check each morning will help to prevent an extended shift to remote learning for the school.  We will continue to send any student home for any report of feeling sick/ill while at school.  

Home Protocols for Students.png

If you would prefer that your child(ren) temporarily shift to fully remote learning for a week, two weeks or longer, please let me know.  I can send you the fully remote schedule and they can return to in-person learning anytime.  

Please make sure your student has at least two masks with them each day and that they properly fit.  Masks should cover the nose and mouth completely.  

Confirming Your Enrollment for 2021-2022

If you have not done so already, please confirm your enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year.  The deadline to confirm your spot is April 30th.  We have a significant waiting list at the middle school, so please confirm with Jill to secure your spot, before we must open any remaining spots up to students on the waiting list.  

To confirm your spot at the middle school – please email Jill at jill.rowley@greenspireschool.org

To confirm your spot at the high school – please email Michael at hsoffice@greenspireschool.org

8th Grade State Testing

On Tuesday, the 8th graders will be taking the state assessment.  If your child has chosen our fully remote option, you have the option for your student to attend in-person and take the test in-person.  They can be picked-up at the conclusion of the test – approximately 11:30 am – Noon.  The test cannot be taken remotely. 

If your student works with Susan or Jean, you may receive additional details via email in the near future.  While the 8th grade students are taking the exam, other students may have some extended outdoor learning, so please make sure you are prepared for the weather on Tuesday.  

Thank You

Thank you to the Forsyth family for the donation of the foosball table to Greenspire!

Thank you to board member Tara Ward for the donation of books for our library!

Upcoming Events

The Huddle – April 14th at 9:00 am
Please check email for Zoom invite

Greenspire 101 Webinar Series – April 29th at 7:00 pm

Half Day of School (Teacher Planning) – May 7th

Memorial Day – No School – May 31st

Robert Walker, EdD