23-24 GHS Back-to-School Updates
August 17th Edition

Welcome to our 2 Newest GHS Staff Members!

  • Lindsay Demmy- Algebra I, Geometry, Chemistry, Northern Naturalist
  • Breanna McGurn- Administrative Assistant to Torre Boone

New Spaces at GHS

The Diner

FIRST DAY- TUES., SEPT. 5th- HALF DAY- 11:45 Dismissal

Have an interested friend?? Daily school tours with Erica!

M-TH 2pm

Pencil In Our Back to School Nights!

9th Grade and New Student ORIENTATION: Tuesday, August 29th @5:00pm
Parents and Students- Please plan to be on time and remain here until 7:00pm. This orientation is VERY important for teens and families to understand The Greenspire Life. Note- Students do not typically lock their lockers at GHS, but you may purchase and bring a lock if desired.

Returning 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade OPEN HOUSE: Thurs. Aug. 31st from 5:00pm-7:00pm

Parents and Students– Please plan to come and go as you please during the 2 hour window. This is optional- student are not required to attend. SENIORS and Senior Parents/Guardians- You will have a meeting with Phil at 6pm in order to understand your senior year calendar and expectations. Room 204- Green Wing

New GHS Changes! 23-24 School Year

  • No More Late Start Wednesdays– 8:40 Daily Start (5 minutes earlier- make note!!)
  • ALL students will choose one 30 minute elective class per semester
  • ELECTIVE CHOICES: Guitar, Northern Naturalist, Weight Training, HIIT Cardio, Study Hall, Robotics, Theater, and Fine Art
  • Addition of Fine Art Program
  • Reusable Dish/Utensil Check Out System at Lunch– If you would like to use one of our school dishes for your lunch, you may do so by bringing an item of value to the “Student Dish Snitch” to trade. We accept silenced cell phones and Macbook Air devices. When you are done with your dish, you must wash it and return it to the Student Dish Snitch to receive your item of value.
  • New District Community Policy Handbook – we have combined our handbooks in order to remain consistent.
  • New Technology Handbook– Due to the state-of-the-art technology at GHS, this was necessary in order to maintain our beautiful and highly functioning technology!
  • Senior Graduation for the Class of 2024 will be on Friday, May 31, 2024 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the Outdoor Pavilion at Botanic Gardens at Historic Barns Park. Address: 1490 Red Drive, Traverse City, MI 49684
  • New Robotics Handbook– in order to enhance this highly successful program.
  • Cell phones must be stowed away from bodies- all day, 8:00am-3:45pm. They will be silenced and stowed away in backpacks, bags, or lockers. Cell phones cannot be located on students’ bodies. Music is accessible via Spotify on student MacBook Air devices. (Thank you to all parents and guardians for your participation in our cell phone survey this summer. This policy amendment is a direct result of your collective responses.)
  • NEW 12th Grade Courses: Personal Finance, History of Environmental Ethics, Global Citizenship, ELA Capstone, Environmental Science
  • All students will now have large lockers. The small lockers will be for your PE/Outdoor Ed shoes.
  • Dress Code Updates have been made in order to more specifically address some “gray areas.”
  • Additional Early Middle College Program Option– Associate in Science and Arts
  • THREE TOTAL PATHWAY OPTIONS: CTC, Early Middle College, Ethical and Environmental Citizenship
  • 2024 Spring Break Service Learning Trip: Dominican Republic
  • GHS has joined TGS in becoming MHSAA Members in order to develop sports partnerships with other area schools and/or create our own teams in the future! This will be a lengthy process, but stay tuned!
  • New Places and Spaces!
    • The “Green Wing”
    • iMac Computer Lab
    • Dedicated locker room
    • Multipurpose Room- library and tutoring center
    • TWO new basketball hoops being installed near the South Lawn
    • Increased Student Commons Spaces-
    • The Cafe, The Pyramids, The Conservatory, The Green Diner
    • Ping pong table and foosball table
  • New GHS Teachers!
    • Jenny Robish- Mathematics
    • Anna Hill- Social Studies
    • Andrew Belsito- Social Studies and Literature
    • Lisa Perrin Brown- Art Teacher
    • Kate Liberacki- Health and Outdoor Physical Education
    • Lindsay Demmy – Math and Science
  • New Administrative Structure:
    • Dr. Michael Schramm- District Superintendent
    • Erica Walsh- Head of School
    • Coreene Kreiser- Dean of Student Culture
    • Torre Boone- Registrar
    • Assistant to Torre Boone- Interviews this week!
    • Sarah Schaub- FULL TIME GHS Counselor (no longer split between MS/HS)

School Supplies- Advice and Guidance

  • Students do not need lots of school supplies! We use our Macbook Airs for our work. At most, you will need a pack of pens, a pack of pencils, 6 folders, 6 notebooks, and 1 memory card for DSLR cameras-9th grade only.
  • Students NEED: Winter coat, rain coat, boots, lunch carrier and reusable containers, water bottle (we now have 2 water bottle refill stations), personal hygiene products are helpful after PE class- can be kept in PE shoe locker