This is your GHS Weekly Update for the Week of: 9/27/21

School Times: Normal Week

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:45-3:45 (8:00-8:40 arrival)

Wednesday Late Start: 9:45-3:45 (9:20-9:40 arrival)


High School Picture Day – Thursday, October 21stPicture Day at the high school is scheduled for Thursday, October 21st in the morning.  Individual pictures and an all school photo will be taken that morning.  If you would like to order pictures, please complete the form here.  The form with payment must be brought to school on picture day.  You can also find this form at any time under the Toolbox section of our website.  If you have any questions, please contact Torre for more information. 

We will also take a large group shot of each grade of students. Please try to have your student in attendance on 10/21; this is the only day we will do a group photograph. This photograph will be enlarged and hung on the wall at GHS.

Fall NWEA Testing is almost complete. There are only a few more students who need to complete make-up testing. Thank you to Lisa Migazzi, Phil Girard, Peggy Brennan, and Roderick MacNeil for their efforts to ensure that testing was proctored with fidelity! 

Congratulations to the 21-22 GHS Student Council Officers! Each of these students applied for their position of interest and submitted an essay. There are now 9 voting members on the council. We had hoped to have more applicants so we could have run campaigns, but this did not occur. We had 9 applicants for 9 positions, so each position was appointed accordingly. These 9 teens are thoughtful, kind, intelligent and already appear very comfortable in these leadership roles.

21-22 GHS Student Council Officers

9th Grade Class Representatives: Honorae S., Lily H.

10th Grade Class Representatives: Lucy B., Casey V.

Recorder: Addison L.

Treasurer: Evelyn M.

Publicists: Lilly Geller, Eve M., Morgan L.

Meetings take place every Wednesday morning from 9:00-9:40 and are open to all students. Any student may voice opinions during the public comment portions of our meetings. There will be MANY big decisions made within the next 6 months!

Reminders – When your student feels ill, please have them come to the office and call home. They should not be contacting you from their cell phones. The office needs to know when a student is not feeling well.

Students need to begin bringing heavier coats to school. We go outside every single day and we do not want them to be cold!! 
When students are concerned about something, have them tell a teacher or administrator as soon as they are able. Our goal is for students to become their own self-advocates and learn to problem solve independently. This is the time to learn these skills as they approach adulthood.  We see them as young adults and take their concerns seriously.

Affirmations – Thank you to the wonderful parents who attended Friday’s Coffee Time with Erica! I look forward to our October Coffee Time.

Thank you to our students who have remained patient as we wait for our Macbook Airs and other technology. We are hoping for an October delivery date for our first technology order which will consist of a laptop for every student and staff member. Laptops will need to remain in the building, however, we will have a select number of Macbooks to check-out if needed.

Our students have proven to be wonderfully inclusive teens during the last 3 weeks. They accept everyone for who they are and it is amazing to witness every day. I have worked with teens for many years, and these students are on another level when it comes to kindness and respect toward others.

Erica Walsh