Hello Greenspire Middle School Community –

It was a great first full week of school.  We are all getting used to our new schedule at the middle school and so far, so good.  A huge thank you to the teacher committee that designed the schedule and to Sarah who has tirelessly worked to implement the logistics of it.  This new schedule has maximized instructional time and allowed us to reduce class sizes down to 18 or 19 students from 22.  It has been a great start!


Pizza Sale Begins Wednesday!

Our weekly pizza lunch sale begins this Wednesday, September 22nd.  This year, pizza will be sold on Wednesdays.  The price per slice is now $2.  There will be cheese, pepperoni, and gluten free options available.  

Middle School Picture Day – Tuesday, October 12th

Picture Day at the middle school is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12th in the morning.  Individual pictures and an all school photo will be taken that morning.  If you would like to order pictures, please complete the form here.  The form with payment must be brought to school on picture day.  You can also find this form at anytime under the Toolbox section of our website, under Middle School Resources.  If you have any questions, please contact Jill for more information.  

Fall Spirit Wear Ordering – Deadline Tuesday, September 21st

If you would like to order any fall spirit wear, the order form can be found here.  You can also find this order form under the Toolbox section of our website, under Middle School Resources.  The deadline to order is Tuesday, September 21st at 11:59 pm.  Unfortunately, no late orders can be accepted by the vendor, so order now ?

Pick-Up Process

Our pick-up process at the middle school usually takes about 15-18 minutes to complete.  We are happy that last Tuesday it was down to 16 minutes and Thursday it was down to 13 minutes – start to finish – not that I have been keeping track or anything?.  
Continued use of the yellow placards will help to keep the process in that time range.  If you do not have a yellow placard for your windshield, feel free to make one at home (brighter the better) or contact and we can make you a new one.  

Students Leaving Early

A friendly reminder from our front desk staff – if you are picking up a student early from school (before 3:30 pm), please phone or email as soon as possible to let Jill or Kara know.  Students may be out on the trails or off-site with their teacher during class and it may not be possible for them to return to Greenspire in a timely manner or safely by themselves without the entire class escorting them back with their teacher.  If we know ahead of time, we can keep the student back from class so they are ready when you arrive.  That being said, if families can limit the amount of early pick-ups for appointments during school hours, it will help to ensure that students are maximizing their instructional time during the school day.  Obviously, when scheduling doctor appointments, dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments, etc… that is not always possible and we understand when it is not possible to do so.  

That’s it for now – have a great week!

Robert Walker, EdD