Hello Greenspire Middle School Community –

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year ?

First Day of School – Tuesday (Half Day) – Tuesday, September 7th is the first day of school for students.  It is a half day of school.  School begins at 8:30 am and dismissal is 11:30 am.  Just a quick reminder…there will be no potluck after the first day of school.

Masks are required of all individuals (faculty/staff, students, and visitors) indoors.  Masks are not required while outdoors.  An additional copy of the masking policy is attached.  Please make sure your students have at least two masks each day as they may become damp or sweaty.  Students should also have refillable water bottles each day to stay hydrated throughout the school day as well as while out on the trails or field for PE class.  

Pick-Up Line – It was great to see so many of you at the Middle School Open House last Wednesday.  For those that attended, you already have your placard to place in your windshield for pick-up line.  Those that did not attend, will be given their placards before they leave on Tuesday.  Please be patient for the first few weeks as our pick-up line can take a bit longer to complete until we recognize cars.  Using the placards will greatly speed up the pick-up process for all families.  After the first few weeks, the pick-up line generally takes about 15 minutes to complete.  

A Huge Thank You – Thank you the Shore family for your donation of school supplies to the middle school and high school.  It was greatly appreciated.  Additionally, a huge thank you to all of the families who donated supplies at the Open House.  We appreciate your support as we work to keep our students safe.  


Spirit Wear – Spirit Wear is now available for sale on our website.  You can visit the Toolbox section of our website and go to the Middle School Resources box.  The link to the online order form is there.  The deadline to order is Tuesday, September 21st @ 11:59 pm.  Unfortunately, no late orders can be accepted by the vendor.  

Student Cell Phones – A reminder to returning families and a note for new families that students are not permitted to have their cell phones with them during the school day, unless for a documented medical condition for medical tracking purposes.  Cell phones should be in the student’s backpack, in their locker from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm each day.  If you need to contact your student during the school day, please call the school at 231.421.5905.  We will relay the message to your student.  This is a safety issue as we must know when students are being picked-up or if students are not feeling well.  When a student is not feeling well, the front desk will call home to notify parents/guardians to pick-up their child.  We purchased an entire school set of headphones this year for each student, so there is no need for AirPods at school as well this year ?

Kelly’s Student Teacher – We have one other addition to our middle school team.  Darrin will be Kelly’s student teacher for the first semester.  Darrin is completing his bachelor’s degree in education from Northern Michigan University and will be co-teaching with Kelly through December.  As part of student teaching, Darrin will be observed remotely (due to COVID-19) by his professors and his lessons may be recorded from time to time. 

Upcoming Events
9/7 – First Day of School (Half Day for Students)

9/29 – The Huddle (link will be sent out in future weekly updates)

9/29 – Middle School Greenspire 101 Series (Project-Based Learning) – Begins at 6:30 pm

10/15 – Teacher Planning Day (Half Day for Students)

Have a great week!

Robert Walker, EdD