Generating Solutions

Equipped with a state of the art greenhouse and a fully functioning state-certified tree nursery, the gardening programs at Greenspire demonstrate how human beings can have a positive impact on the natural environment. 

Financially Sustainable

Students manage the program to ensure it generates income for the school.

Goal: Carbon Negative

Our gardening program seeks to sequester more carbon dioxide from the environment than it releases. 


To combat the environmental crisis, students implement projects that prevent or solve problems and reduce or eliminate negative consequences.

Protecting Threatened Species

By increasing biodiversity and restoring habitat, our program helps threatened local species of plants, insects, and animals.

Community Resource

Students engage the public and demonstrate how purposeful actions in our own backyards can make a difference.

Meaningful Engagement

Our student work impacts the landscape and has a lasting effect. 

Goal Achieving Programs

State Certified Tree Nursery

Every year our students propagate hundreds of trees and learn the basics of tree nursery management.

Tree School

In collaboration with Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, we help other schools learn how to propagate trees to combat climate change.

Student-Run Plant Sale

Our student-run plant sales are an important educational opportunity and a rich resource for the community.

Habitat Restoration

In collaboration with local organizations, we have planted thousands of trees and helped restore natural habitat across the region.