Surrounded by Nature

The Greenspire Campus borders the Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area, a 140-acre park in Garfield Township. With miles of unpaved trails and a variety of protected natural habitats, the park has become one of Greenspire’s most unique, important, and popular “classrooms”.

The Benefits

The Greenspire staff understands the educational, emotional, and social benefits of experiences in the natural world. They utilize a three-pronged approach to fulfill the ecologically relevant and environmentally focused components in its mission.

Knowledge about Nature

Cross-curricular content engages students in the study of the natural world while emphasizing natural scientific processes and the intricate web of ecological relationships that sustain life.

Experience in Nature

Students have a minimum of six periods outdoors every week exploring, engaging, and immersing themselves in direct experience of the natural world.

Connection with Nature

While providing room for sensory engagement, personal reflection, and growth, the Outdoor Education Programs at Greenspire help students develop an “ecological identity” that reveals the threads between self, nature, and community.